Electric Kids Balance Bike 12"

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It's time to supercharge your kids fun time!
One of the best feelings is that first ride on a bike when you can finally take your feet off the ground and enjoy the Glide. Your kids are not only going to love the Oi Kids Balance Bike, they are going to learn skills for life with Balance, Throttle Control and soft skills that set them up for bikes for years to come.

We all know the feeling of getting to the park and you spend less than 10 minutes walking and the kids are tired already. For young ones the standard balance bike can get tiring, especially when hills are involved. But not with the Oi Kids Balance Bike, the added electric power allows your child to ride for long periods without getting tired, and when it does run out of batteries, it free-wheels so it works just like a normal Balance Bike keeping it light and minimizing how much you have to carry!

It also prepares them for their pedal bike and beyond by teaching them skills from a young age such as Balance, Control, Care, Attention and so much more!

Oi Kids Balance Bike have a 2 Speed Settings

The two speed switch allows the bike to grow with your child. As their confidence grows, their speed can too, simply just adjust the switch from low speed (8km/h) to High speed (16km/h) and watch as it unleashes a whole new element of fun, SPEED!!

Designed for kids aged 2+

Motor: 24v 100w Brush Motor

Speed: 8km/h at Slow and 16km/h at Fast

Tire: Front and Rear 12"

Break: Rear Drum Brake with Power Cut Feature

Net Weight: 9.8kgs

Frame: Aluminum Alloy

Front Fork: Steel

Battery: 24v 2.5Ah Power Lithium-ion

Battery Range: Slow Speed 70mins / Fast Speed 40mins

Charge Time: 2.5-3 Hrs

Max Load: 36kgs

Package included:

1 x Electric Balance Bike

Shipping Charge, Installation Notes:

-This bike is not fully assemble due to transportation regulations, it will be brand new in-box and self assembly required
-20% restocking fee will be applied for returning, please kindly check before purchase to avoid any inconvenience.

Warning & Disclaimer

-Parental supervision is mandatory for children rider
-To ride safely, you must always wear helmet, gloves, elbow guard and other protective gear for safety reasons.
-We are under no circumstances liable for any injuries or harm caused by using the bike, improperly or otherwise.
-The seller is not liable in any circumstances if the action description is incorrect.
-Although care is taken, any errors or omissions in the product details are unintentional and not subject to liability.
-It is the User /Parental Guardian sole responsibility to ensure that the bike has been configured safe and thoroughly
checked before riding.
-By buying this item, the user/purchaser is waiving the seller’s responsibilities for any damage or injury which happened as result of riding the bike.